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Tribute To Animators Tribute To Animators

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Hello Newgrounds users,
This is the review :-P
This is a nice animation and obviously time was put into it, why are you hovering over the Zero? You should vote 5... maybe your vote can help your movie by giving you a save vote.. this should be added to a collection page. Wanna know why? Cause its so true, not bagging on any youngin' but usually the little ones come here and vote a 0 so they can get a blam point. I know as a flash animator how hard a project is. Sometimes you work for hours on a movie and get NADA done.. you look and make then you delete. Its a tough thing to do, even if you make crap flash its ok still to vote high or medium on it becuase you need to think about it, can you do that? can you do better? if so then do it...